Black Wall Street Gallery

Black Wall Street Gallery

“I want this gallery and the artists we present to show people coming together, working together, to make something new, something better,” said Dr. Ricco Wright in a Tulsa World article about the recent opening of the Black Wall Street Gallery in Tulsa’s Greenwood District.

I was honored for them to host last night’s book reading and signing.

My friend Shawn Crawford arranged everything.  Shawn and I met at the Yale Writer’s Conference in 2014, connecting because of our connections to Oklahoma and a Southern Baptist upbringing.  In 2015 we both returned to Yale as part of the same memoir group, so we’ve workshopped each other’s books.

Dr. Wright framed the evening’s conversation as people coming together from diverse backgrounds and the conversation during the q&a didn’t focus on writing process or details of my story but more on what we need to do now to address the divisions in our society and the justice issues we are all facing.  It was an empowering evening.

Thank you Shawn and Ricco.

My next event is Thursday afternoon, from 4-6 p.m. at the Chapters bookstore on Main Street in my hometown of Miami, Oklahoma.  I have never done a public event as a out gay man in my hometown.  Will be an interesting experience.

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