Open: A Memoir of Faith, Family, & Sexuality in the Heartland

Open is a story of coming out as a gay man while working as a Baptist youth minister in Texas. Scott’s first book will be published in September 2018.  | Learn more about Open.  And you can pre-order a copy here.


Scott shares musings on life, books, and current events on his blog, MyQuest. | Visit MyQuest.

The Prairie Citizen

In these divisive times, can we find common ground?  The podcast The Prairie Citizen shares stories and experiences that unite us. | Listen to The Prairie Citizen.

Oklahoma Gazette

In the late Aughts, Scott was a regular contributor to the Oklahoma Gazette, a weekly publication whose mission is “to stimulate, examine and inform the public on local quality-of-life issues and social needs, recognize community accomplishments and provide a forum for inspiration, participation and interaction across all media.”

A few of his articles:

The real “gay agenda” | Published February 12, 2009
Capitol ironies  | Published May 7, 2009
Terrorizing groups is wrong | Published September 12, 2009
Protecting all our students | Published September 10, 2009